Selling Your Car To CarMax – Is It A Good Idea?

But you may be able to sell your car as junk or scrap. But according to CarMax, the following is what happens, once you decide to sell your car: He had his eye on an Lexus. With CarMax, that bank draft is proof of payment and is guaranteed to be available by the bank who […]

First cars for 17 year olds: what you need to know

An MOT checks your car’s road worthiness and safety, usually done by either the dealership or a garage. Unfortunately, this is a bit of an expensive one – so choosing a car with good fuel consumption should be a high priority before you buy. Most cars only need a thorough service once a year so […]

Bad Credit Car Finance

The saloon car is designed to bring a little more elegance to the driving experience, presenting the passengers with more space, extra luxury, and a more sophisticated feel. You can find more information on the types of bad credit car finance that we offer below: Used cars also make a fantastic choice for drivers who […]